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Prewriting, Tools, and Techniques

Planning and prewriting differ greatly. While both activities have the potential to address structure, prewriting is specifically done before a draft (whereas planning/structuring can be done during the action of the draft). Prewriting, as taught in schools, is composed of charts, maps, lists, and/or craft projects with glue sticks and glitter. At that point, all teachers want is a student to learn to construct thoughts in written form. Bonus points awarded if these thoughts formed either a fundamental narrative or

Breaking the Script

People go through much of their lives on autopilot, and the programming for everyday life is in social scripts. These ever-present outlines for action are present in story too, though they make up the unwritten world between the lines of the narrative. These expected, and often overlooked, patterns of behavior enlighten creative work when this tool is explored and used to experiment. Consider the scripts observed by social scientists as the strongest weapon of subtle tone control. Definition/Theory Social scripts

Kill Characters with Purpose

Google “how to kill a character”. Seriously, do it. There are dozens of links, posts, and witty little graphics showing the ways to cause death, soften the blow for readers, and create compelling death scenes. What is severely lacking here are authors addressing why any character has to die. What purpose does it serve, really? The reasons behind the death of a character aren’t about compassion, dramatic effect, or back-story. Killing a character is about the ones who live. Get