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Marketing Using Facebook and Twitter Ads

by Brandon Varnell You’re a self-published author who now has a couple of books out. All of them are lovely, with gorgeous cover designs, quality formatting, are excellently edited, and—most importantly—best seller material. Unfortunately, you’re a self-published author, so nobody knows that you exist. You don’t have a large marketing team who’s got your back, you don’t have a publishing company who’s willing to take a share of the marketing burden. You are on your own. Marketing is a daunting

How Digested is Your Reading Material?

How many people have touched your reading material? I’m not talking about germs on used books or the grimy bits hiding on the surface of your tablet. I mean how close to the source are you when you’re reading that neat article on characterization, burial practices in the Andes, or top business practices of successful authors? Written content comes from experience. Someone, somewhere, had an in-person experience, processed what happened to them mentally and emotionally, and wrote down the product

Object Lessons: Learning from Literary Short Fiction

I’ve recently picked up Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story and the first few stories got me thinking. This isn’t just any anthology. It’s geared toward writing instruction, marketed to aspiring writers looking to get a master class from some successful names in the literary genre. It has this high purpose, but it’s certainly not without its prejudices. Take a look at its description from the book’s Amazon listing: What does it take to

Podcast Alert! Writing Excuses

This is a busy time of year! As you know, I’m an advocate of writers having day jobs if the situation fits for them, and I follow that path myself. At this point, it’s not a choice so much as a necessity. Everyone progresses at different rates. That said, it’s the busiest time of the year in my office and the writing work has been piling up. In place of an article, this week I’d like to recommend an excellent podcast episode

Demons of Writing: The First Draft

First pages aren’t as big of an issue, these days. More people are putting their feelings into words than ever before with social media. Content and quality aren’t so important in that venue, but the virtue is in more people using words to articulate their thoughts. Distraction and other physical inhibitions exist in spades, but actually sitting down to write a creative project still means facing a few unique demons. Many of these afflict new writers or students, but they do

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