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Writing Exercises for Super Fans

Fanfiction is writing original content based on the work of another artist. Many people invest incredible time and energy into their fanfiction projects, and the potential variations are endless. This post is not to explain what it is, who writes it, where to find it, or any threat it poses to traditional writing, if any (see the links at the end of the post for posts of that kind). Instead, this post will discuss the use of fanfiction to develop

Writing Diverse Characters: It Takes All Kinds

Characters are a part of their author. They come from just a spark of thought, an original spin on a deep-seated fear, or a half-recalled image of their childhood. Certain character types can appear frequently for authors, not just as a habit but also as a function of their time and place. Jane Austin is an example, with her very similar heroines and repeated character tropes. It would seem natural to have characters similar to the author, but in these

4 Benefits to Experimenting with Short Stories

All writing exercises should get you writing. They should get the pen to paper, the pencil to pad, or the keys clacking. Essentially, there should be no exercise that proposes to solve the writer’s problem without making them do their own writing. As a result, there should always be an abundance of bits and pieces around. This isn’t a bad thing! One exercise that tends to generate a whole lot of extraneous material is the short story experiment. As a

Main Character Level: Expert!

Who would want to listen to a know-it-all? Even a good-tempered know-it-all gets frustrating after enduring an hour of catch-up information just to understand the joke they just made. However, experts in any field are often colorful, fascinating characters. From a writing perspective, expert main characters have a ton of potential! However, it’s a bit like playing with fire as there are difficulties with getting the audience to engage with them. Here are some concerns that come up when writing

Tracking Multiple Characters

Characters interact. This shows the reader the story, pushes forward the plot, and crafts the conflict. Some genres, like romance fiction, center on the interaction of two or more character arcs. Other types are supported by the interaction of characters, and internally shaped by the dynamics that are created. Combine character arcs to create unique, creative dynamics. Coordinating Two Characters This discussion will focus mainly on a two-character relationship, since this is the smallest unit. Even in that slip of

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