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Feed Inspiration with Sources for Random Knowledge

Reading is wonderful. Writing wouldn’t be an industry without people for whom reading is a large part of their mental input. Fabulous as reading is, a well-rounded diet of information is critical for creativity and developing healthy intelligence. Stories, facts, history, and opinion pour out to the public using an ever-widening index of mediums. There are nuggets of inspiration in all of them! Of course, it’s impossible to take them all in, and most should be taken with a dose of

Writing Tools: Narrative Summary

Narrative summary is one mode of story-telling and narrative writing. Performers will recognize this tool as the voice of a narrator, different in that it doesn’t belong to any particular character in the story, it allows them to tell what has happened in the past or add context to a current situation, and provides a tool to transition between one immediate scene to another by covering the time between the events more quickly. As a writing tool, it operates much

Dear Readers and Lovers of Books, Suspend Your Disbelief

Dear Readers and Lovers of Books:   A good book effects us in a special way, doesn’t it? After the first pages, you find yourself wrapped up tightly in it and gloriously happy to lose all sense of time, place, and real life in order to more fully explore this world on white pages. This forms like a new relationship, really. You met this story and learned its name, and then you took time to get to know it (possibly

6 Techniques to Freshen Up Classic Stories

We are seeing a world of revivals for old stories (some not even that old). If someone wants to gripe about this, see “Are There No New Ideas?” and “Are There No Original Ideas?”. Right now, we could all use a refresher on the beautiful literary legacy of retelling a classic story with a spin. This might sound cliché to a lot of people, since Hollywood is doing this so often it’s reducing film’s credibility as an art form. But

Breaking the Script

People go through much of their lives on autopilot, and the programming for everyday life is in social scripts. These ever-present outlines for action are present in story too, though they make up the unwritten world between the lines of the narrative. These expected, and often overlooked, patterns of behavior enlighten creative work when this tool is explored and used to experiment. Consider the scripts observed by social scientists as the strongest weapon of subtle tone control. Definition/Theory Social scripts

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