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Pacing Your Book So Time Will Fly

Does time really fly when you’re having fun? Well, it sure does when you’re reading a book with perfect pacing. When we feel like time is flying by (or dragging along), the seconds aren’t any longer or shorter than they ever are. Understanding why we perceive a change of pace depending on our circumstances can help writers manipulate the story to mimic these pacing tricks. Anticipation, or goal motivation, tends to have an effect like acceleration. Philip Gable and Bryan

Worldbuilding for Realistic Fiction

I am proud to admit I write in many genres. I’ve been known to write light-hearted fantasy, speculative/science fiction, lite horror, a little supernatural, period realistic fiction, and contemporary fiction. People seem surprised when I say I use worldbuilding techniques on ALL of these genres. The last two are the ones that get raised eyebrows. Yes, I worldbuild for realistic fiction. No, it is not “doing research” exclusively. Every fictional world operates on core structures, and these are psychological constructs

Feed Inspiration with Sources for Random Knowledge

Reading is wonderful. Writing wouldn’t be an industry without people for whom reading is a large part of their mental input. Fabulous as reading is, a well-rounded diet of information is critical for creativity and developing healthy intelligence. Stories, facts, history, and opinion pour out to the public using an ever-widening index of mediums. There are nuggets of inspiration in all of them! Of course, it’s impossible to take them all in, and most should be taken with a dose of

Direct Readers’ Focus: The Golden Ratio

Minute details are a double-edged sword to the flow of a story. Outright descriptors – adjectives and adverbs, even forceful verbs – have the power to choke out ideas and action. Artful concepts, however, can accomplish incredible feats of sensory detail without heavy-handed descriptors. Smallness, minute detail in either perfection or chaos, holds worlds of fascination. The same way humans have built towers, telescopes, satellites and space stations, we’ve invested that time looking the other direction too. Magnifying glasses, magnifiers,

Brainstorming with Lists

Brainstorming techniques can come from anywhere, and people write and read books about stimulating the creative juices. I’d like to share a few with you that have helped me, and have given me a whole box of tools to use when its time to structure thoughts. When you want to write a story, there are a few ways inspiration can strike. The first way, which is my favorite, happens to those who feel compelled to write or have an idea

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