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Exploring the Roots of Genre

Reading critically develops writing skills through applied observation. Educators’ goals often include teaching their students to articulately communicate higher thought processes. This doesn’t always happen, but those writers who cracked the code of school papers have a powerful tool. Don’t let this grow rusty just because there’s no semester deadline looming. What we learn from observation becomes compounded into memory when purposefully articulated into conclusions. This blog came into being because of this principle. In that spirit of enduring and continuous

Main Character Level: Expert!

Who would want to listen to a know-it-all? Even a good-tempered know-it-all gets frustrating after enduring an hour of catch-up information just to understand the joke they just made. However, experts in any field are often colorful, fascinating characters. From a writing perspective, expert main characters have a ton of potential! However, it’s a bit like playing with fire as there are difficulties with getting the audience to engage with them. Here are some concerns that come up when writing

Discovering New Frontiers in Genre

Knowing that everyone has different tastes and limited personal time, composing a study of a new field of writing that interests you is actually well worth the time and effort. Exposure alone fuels new inspiration. But a concerted effort to take something useful from the experience, practice reproducing the effects/techniques, and incorporate these new skills into meaningful projects impacts writing skill far more than any mound of reproduced writing advice. In the interest of continuing education in storytelling, fiction, and

World-building Basics

World Building Basics | Chase Webb Writing a novel is probably one of the most self-empowering things a human being can do. During the development stages you channel into your inner god and literally create a world. This is especially true with fantasy and sci-fi writers, but is often underestimated in other genres. Even if a novel is set in a realistic world, the social networks and settings in which characters function are vulnerable to any number of fantastic variables.

Inspiration from Current Science

When people think about science and writing together, it’s assumed this means sci-fi. While this genre is a land of wonder for lovers of fiction, this isn’t the only way the fields of science can fuel creative writers. There are a lot of different types of science, including studies done on social trends, discoveries that challenge mankind’s concept of the universe, and new methods for nurturing family dynamics. Inspiration Theory – Science The last two posts focused on getting inspired

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