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The Five Pillars of Healthy Writing

Writing has incredible benefits, but like any activity your individual involvement depends on your interest. Some writers are happy with the hobby, writing for their own fulfillment with a pleasant dream of being published someday. Others have a goal they’re working toward, and some writers want to make a living at writing what they love. If writing is more than a hobby, here are a few strong pillars of behavior that will enrich your involvement and set the stage for

4 Tips for Reviewing Test Reader Feedback

Writing communities and classes frequently recommend seeking feedback and constructive criticism from test readers. Taking criticism gracefully is another favorite topic in writing circles. It’s a challenge to get over the emotional and psychological hurdles of having fellow humans pick apart the creative spillings of your soul, but what happens once it’s just you and their advice? Time to turn that pile of feedback into some real change. Hopefully, by this time you’ve let that draft rest awhile and you

Story Generators: From Traits to Action

Generators are great. Stuck for a character? All you have to do is turn a card or click a button and boom! There’s one complete with useful traits, their fate, flaws, weaknesses, and maybe even a little backstory. You might even get a premise with one of those things. With a couple more characters and a setting, you’ve got a great start! But then what? I don’t know about you, but sometimes the most difficult part of writing a story

Writer Tools: The Synopsis and Cover Blurb

Writing a book, no matter the genre or subject matter, is a huge task. Getting the manuscript just right can take years of work and dozens of drafts. After all this, some aspiring authors feel a bit cheated when they’re asked to do the apparently simple, yet horribly daunting, task of writing the various summary copy including synopses and book jacket blurbs. Thankfully there are hordes of wonderful guides, both step-by-step and do-and-don’t style, which have been put out by

Organic Plot Development

In the spirit of encouraging continued education, today we’re sharing a concept from a current international writing course, offered through the University of Iowa’s online learning program. The course is titled How Writers Write Fiction 2015. This course addresses essential elements of writing fiction and features accomplished authors, literature professors, and guest lecturers sharing their insights on the unique tools of fiction writing. Jonathan Lethem was featured in one of the most resent video lessons, addressing organic plot development. Writers

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