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Keep Readers by Using Variable Rewards

The big thing in entertainment today is addiction. The products we use – especially computer programs, games, and apps – are designed to hook users into habitual use, then encourage repeated purchases to fuel our investment of time. Before we get too upset at these product designers, writing to sell our work means we have the same interests as them. I’m only addressing one approach of many today, that of variable rewards. The last marketing book I read was Hooked: How

Life is Like a Box Of Chocolates (so are anthologies)

While continuing our read of Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story, I just wanted to share a bit of commentary on the subject of writers reading short stories. It’s been several weeks since I began reading this collection. Everyone reads differently, and I do vary reading methods by the type of content I’m ingesting. Short stories, especially when accompanied by writerly commentary, are something to read slowly over extended periods. This helps separate each

This New Year, Resolve to Read Socially

It’s a new year and the traditional time to set goals! While we advocate checking in and making goals every three or four months, having a year-long view for writing projects is great too. Aside from the initial goals of a high daily word count or setting a publishing date to reach, don’t neglect to push yourself in your reading. Social Reading Reading is not just good for developing knowledge, calming down, zoning out, or keeping up with the popular

Reading for Writers: Input and Output

Reading, for a writer, is the primary method for staying on top of news in their profession. Others’ work provides an insight into competitors’ methods, a lesson in new skills, and an endless supply of raw material. Sometimes, however, reading doesn’t stay at the top of the priority list. There are excellent reasons for this, and asking “How much should a writer read?” can’t be answered with any single, universal number. First of all, input in this age can be

Genre Studies: The Literary Short Story

For anyone interested in pursuing a formal degree in writing fiction, understand you will be reading and writing piles of short stories. This form of fiction is easy to assign, highly conducive to academic discussion, less time-consuming to grade than novels, and dense in its demand on technique, form, and style. While any story can be short, a literary definition of the genre describes it as an intellectual/emotional roundhouse kick to the brain. Listening to readers and writers of short stories,

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