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Breaking the Script

People go through much of their lives on autopilot, and the programming for everyday life is in social scripts. These ever-present outlines for action are present in story too, though they make up the unwritten world between the lines of the narrative. These expected, and often overlooked, patterns of behavior enlighten creative work when this tool is explored and used to experiment. Consider the scripts observed by social scientists as the strongest weapon of subtle tone control. Definition/Theory Social scripts

Better Fiction through Food

Do the characters in this story ever eat? If so, why do they eat what they do? Some of the visceral aspects of life, such as the necessity of eating, are the simplest and most effective ways to show (rather than tell) a story. There are several aspects to this, but the first discussed here is how what characters eat can demonstrate their place in their immediate society. Food Facts – Status Symbol Then & Now The ground rule for