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Chapter 5.2 “We’re not going to make it.”

  “Let’s head inside,” she said, standing. “I want to dance a little more.” Mike followed her in. “Your wish is my command.” “I didn’t say I wanted to dance exclusively with you,” Mae said. “I have a whole field to play before David escapes Cook.” Mike staggered as if he’d been dealt a vicious blow. “Oh, you’re a cruel woman.” “Don’t take on like that,” she said. “I have a soft spot for the theatric. I’ll go put on

Chapter 5.1 “Oil and Water”

Mae let David whisk her out of the house and to the gazebo several hundred yards down the path into the grounds.  After a performance like that he got hot on her fast.  When he finally gave her a chance to breathe she sat on the bench with David’s head on her lap.  He caught her hand and caressed it possessively.  “You were amazing,” he said, his dark blue eyes gleaming a bit with admiration. She smiled.  “So were you.”

Chapter 4.3 “Hands to Shake and Rules to Break”

  Whisper, as owner of the house, hurried to greet the guests and soon the rooms were full and names were going in one ear and out the other. She was lucky; the historical society members wore their membership pins very prominently on their lapels or scarves. They filed in one by one and Whisper tried her best to remember their names as they introduced themselves, but the harder she tried to make them stick the faster they slipped out

Chapter 4.2 “Formals and Happy Faces”

  The next day was busy and by lunch Whisper was beginning to feel more like a babysitter than a landlord. Mike seemed to follow Mae everywhere, even on the errands Whisper asked her to run. Sasha kept slipping off to unknown places and Danny had lost some of Clark’s tools. Someone managed to make one big leak in the roof worse, and Clark was at a loss to understand how he could repaper the first floor in a week.

Chapter 3.3 “Tough Coconuts”

The next morning found Sasha Branson standing impatiently outside the bathroom listening to Molly brush her teeth… for the whole three minutes.  She’d been in there a full hour and Sasha had been there for half of it with a towel and her bag of necessities in hand.  Sasha pounded on the fine wood.  “Hurry up!” “I’ll be out in just a second!” Sasha rubbed her eyes and growled inwardly.  As far as she was concerned, the day had no

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