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Feed Inspiration with Sources for Random Knowledge

Reading is wonderful. Writing wouldn’t be an industry without people for whom reading is a large part of their mental input. Fabulous as reading is, a well-rounded diet of information is critical for creativity and developing healthy intelligence. Stories, facts, history, and opinion pour out to the public using an ever-widening index of mediums. There are nuggets of inspiration in all of them! Of course, it’s impossible to take them all in, and most should be taken with a dose of

Project Distraction: Shiny Object Syndrome and Plot Bunnies

Writers, like all creative people, hope to never run short of ideas. Unfortunately, focus problems plus an abundance of ideas add up to distraction. There are several terms for this, including but not limited to the more popular two: Shiny Object Syndrome and Plot Bunnies. When these distractions arrive, two lines of action are possible. You can abandon the current project to begin the attractive new idea with all your effort, or you can continue your current project and shelf

Concept Testing: Could this work for a novel?

Imagine hitting a point when your novel falls flat, or your story ends about 50,000 words before it should. This is a nightmare many writers live, especially during those committed times when they’re actually putting in the time to draft. *cough* National Novel Writing Month! *cough* Alright, mock subtle hints aside, ideas for a novel have to be robust in content, unique in concept, and complex with great variety. That idea should be something that will surprise you with its

Reading Comprehension for Writers

When we first learn to read, comprehension skills are carefully tracked. Those words, sounded out with great effort, somehow have to become pictures in the mind of concrete things. Past that, we’re taught to read for understanding, deconstructing the context of a book within society now, concerns of the past, and possible direction for the future. These are not exclusively stages of learning, they’re levels of understanding. Some people function well in the world without ever wondering, “What did the

Writers’ Resource: Websites for Creative Inspiration

New ideas and research are on the menu today! We’ve discussed the nature of creativity and inspiration several times. Creativity, as a skill, grows with exposure to and participation in new experiences. Plentiful, thoughtful, and varied reading improves writing skill. What we offer here is a list of resource websites that cover a wide range of unusual material to encourage a little “new” inspiration. Here’s the caveat. Not every site will appeal to every writer. Also, these sites are listed not

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