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Chapter 5.1 “Oil and Water”

Mae let David whisk her out of the house and to the gazebo several hundred yards down the path into the grounds.  After a performance like that he got hot on her fast.  When he finally gave her a chance to breathe she sat on the bench with David’s head on her lap.  He caught her hand and caressed it possessively.  “You were amazing,” he said, his dark blue eyes gleaming a bit with admiration. She smiled.  “So were you.”

Chapter 4.1 “A New Family”

  After rehearsal, during which Whisper enjoyed the wonderful talent her friends possessed, Clark approached her and asked, “What’s up with your sister?” There wasn’t a hint of rudeness, despite the bluntness of the question. “She can be nice, really. She’s just a little on the sarcastic side,” she said, struggling to put her sister’s temperament in a positive light. “A little?” Daniel said. “Sasha is the sarcastic side!” Whisper reached over and slapped his arm. “That was not a

Chapter 3.2 “Making Impressions”

Whisper leapt to the task and rattled off the names quickly. “Auntie, what are you doing here?” Sasha asked. “Auntie was Della’s name,” she said.  “I am your aunt.  I used to live here with Della in our younger days and I know a bit more than you do about running a house full of young people, especially running this house.  With Whisper’s permission, I hope I can stay and help her along.” Sasha saw the look in her sister’s

Chapter 3.1 “Judging Books by their Covers”

Sasha had walked into the house with Danny and the others, trying not to appear surprised at what they all saw.  It was like scoring the jackpot of photography subjects.  Everywhere she looked she saw something that would make a killer shot and she decided she would get away as soon as she could with her camera. As she retrieved her tools from her bag, looking with disgust on the communal sleeping quarters, it occurred to her she might need

Chapter 2.3 “Made for Each Other”

She walked arm in arm with him to the left of the house.  Just down the path was the multi-car garage, a large L-shaped building with six bays and what looked like a modest residency on a second level.  They went in through an open door and David left her side to enthusiastically describe the three cars inside. Mae knew very little about cars, but David intended to make them his life.  He was the one his friends called to

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