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Harness the Power of the Subplot

Subplots seem to be a bit of a dirty word in a world that now views itself in terms of under-represented categories. While the prefix “sub” technically sets these story lines below the main plot of the story, subplots are actually powerful fixtures in any extended story. The purpose of subplots as a storytelling device (in both written and performance storytelling) is rooted in the psychology of the listener. A great story, like life, is rarely a straight line from cause

Alpha and Beta Readers: Building A Quality Control Team

Products of all kinds go through testing before distribution to the general public. Books undergo that same type of scrutiny by carefully selected test readers, though the process can be more effective with some research and time investment. Writers, consider these things as you select those individuals who will test read your work at each stage. Alpha Readers Alpha readers are the first to see a draft once it’s finished (or chapter-by-chapter, depending on the writer’s preference). At this point,

Historical Fiction Short Story: Two Moons

Two Moons Riley knew it was the same moon, but it was so hard to believe it was watching him the same way it had watched his ancestor on that field. Then it had been half full, he imagined. Of course, he was no student of the stars and he hadn’t even read that in the account. It didn’t say what the moon was like. Whether or not that moon had been big or small, growing or shrinking, probably could

Chapter 5.2 “We’re not going to make it.”

  “Let’s head inside,” she said, standing. “I want to dance a little more.” Mike followed her in. “Your wish is my command.” “I didn’t say I wanted to dance exclusively with you,” Mae said. “I have a whole field to play before David escapes Cook.” Mike staggered as if he’d been dealt a vicious blow. “Oh, you’re a cruel woman.” “Don’t take on like that,” she said. “I have a soft spot for the theatric. I’ll go put on

Chapter 5.1 “Oil and Water”

Mae let David whisk her out of the house and to the gazebo several hundred yards down the path into the grounds.  After a performance like that he got hot on her fast.  When he finally gave her a chance to breathe she sat on the bench with David’s head on her lap.  He caught her hand and caressed it possessively.  “You were amazing,” he said, his dark blue eyes gleaming a bit with admiration. She smiled.  “So were you.”

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