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Thanks for visiting The Art of Stories! It’s been fun writing it!

There will be no new posts here on ArtofStories.com, but you can find all our previous posts in addition to new material at ARBeckert.com. After 3 years writing exclusively about the craft, I came to the conclusion that reading and expanding our horizons is just as important as working on the craft! So please visit, subscribe, and share all your favorite posts and find new things over at the Expand YourShelf blog!

Posts to Expand YourShelf aim to further uplift, encourage, relieve, and inspire the creative spirit.


The single greatest advantage a writer can have is an insatiable passion for continued education in English, creative writing, fiction, and the world in general. The Art of Stories blog approaches writing from a functional perspective. Each post, centered on a particular writing skill, tool, genre, or category of writing, is intended to provide instruction and inspiration toward improving writers’ skill.

Writing is an especially introspective art form, and one that can be an incredible help navigate life. Some aspects of it, though, can make already present problems worse. Many famous authors, especially those who are considered classical artists, struggled in relationships, destroyed their bodies with addictions, and messed up their lives enough to make writing impossible. Ironically, these poor choices were often made in the name of keeping up the quality of their work.

The Art of Stories blog was my small effort to share information on the craft and provide a balanced view of what writing is as a process, career, and personal journey. Whatever your level of commitment or height of your goals, writing should be a healthy, edifying experience.


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